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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm Back and with lots of show and tell

Hello to all my friends in the crochet world:

Its been a long time since I have updated my blog but so much has gone on that well best leave that behind me and just talk about the fun things like crocheting.

I have been busy crocheting for charity... One of which is for my local vet /animal hospital in which i was able to adopt free of all charges a beautiful pomeranian mixed female 7month puppy now she is 10 month old ... Her name is Foxie:

You can see her photo up on top.

Well any ways up on top you can see also the things i've begun to crochet and sew for the animal hospital where i adopted her..

I've been making Kitty beds and fabric dog chews, and pillow toys..

enjoy the photos...
The yarns for these have been donated so if any one wants to donate some yarns for this ongoing charity project please email me for mailing addy.

The veternarian takes in all pets that people dont want cause here the ASPCA will put them to sleep after one day only and so she takes in all the unwanted furbabies and hold them til she finds a good home for them.
Foxie was with her for 3 weeks before i came along... so this is why i've been touched to do this for them.

1 comment:

Tina said...

Foxie is so cute. Is she a mix? Either way she is cute. I wish I could adopt a pet from there (especially if it was free of charge, as we would have to pay a pet deposit where we live...) That is so nice that you were able to get her. All your pet items look great, I'm sure they will be well appreciated.