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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Come join my facebook group if you have furbabies and love to crochet

Hi there if you crochet and have furbabies ask to join my facebook group.. Its in secret mode so you wont find it to be able to join it i will have to add you to the group...
my name on facebook is : Lillibet Lugo
look me up and send me a PM if you would like to join my group..

This was my first grooming i gave Munchkin last year.  In my group we talk about our furbabies and we have Crochet a longs and we have swaps and so much more all fun...

My adopted /rescued miniature poodle MUNCHKIN

Munchkin is my precious adopted/rescued miniature poodle she has been with me now for 2 years  I love her so she is so kind and gentle you dont even know she is here.. She sleeps on the bed with me.. Foxie is still trying to adjust to her since Foxie was here first and the only gal for many years...  

 She is very camera shy..    hugs to all

Scrap Yarn shades of Greens hat and scarf set

This is a 2 stranded hat and scarf set made for a gift this past christmas using variuos scraps of shades of greens.. turned oiut very cute and warm.

This is my precious Foxie I love her so.

Hello Hello Hello my followers:

Hi there to all my friends and followers i am so sorry its been such a long time since i have posted . But between illness and busy life i have not has a chance to post here.

None the less let me share photos of stuff i made this past winter for gifts..