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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Look at the Lovely Gift I Received All The Ways From Ireland

Hello Again and Good morning to all my crochet buddies....
Being that I have updated my blog I also wanted to share with you all the lovely gift I received from a very sweet kind lady all the ways from Ireland.

She is becoming quite popular over at the crochetville with her puff stitch afghans and I was bless by her when i received this lovely and soft and cuddly cow theme afghan with my name in the center...

Her nickname over at crochetville is Hookerangel so if you ever over there look her name up and see all the pretties she has made.

So without any further waiting here it is,,my afghan,,,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here are my Garage Sale findings

Here a few of my garage sale findings.... Since Jobug my great friend from gifted me with precious baby JoAnn i am now always looking for cute and rare dolls to add to my collection so here are a couple i have found. The one on the top crawls and then fall flat on the floor and screams out crying and calling momma, and since momma dont answer she picks herself right back up and keeps on crawling.. She drives Foxie nuts.... I only paid $3.00 for her ... she was made in 1989. The second photo I only paid $2.00 for her and she is a Syndee doll named Tuffy of course just look at her face...She came with a wooden chair as well . What ya think? I think i got a bargain and they too will join Precious Baby JoAnn this weekend in their new Craddle.

My Amigurumi Creation

Here is a set of amigurumi I created again for a swap for a partner in Swap bot.

One is a Daisy and the other is a Sunflower... What you think of my creation?

Lion brand Bunny Amigurumi I made for a swap

This is a bunny i made for a swap partner in Swap Bot, it was a Easter theme swap. The pattern i used is from Lion Brand Amigurumi patterns.

What I've been working on lately

I've been a bit busy working on several crochet projects and here they are...
these are small crocheted hats that will be a afghan and its a project where I'm using my scrap yarns so i have a variety of colors for my squares. It takes like 56 squares all together and I'm working this project with my friend Eneida the two of us will have one once we get done. I made her some hats and she made me some hats ... I will post a progress photo as i go along ... Just want to catch up on my WIP's here.