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Monday, May 20, 2013

Here are some photos of the pet mats I make and donate to our local animal hospital... I also make some for gifts and well I also sell some to make money to buy more yarns to make some more ..

The fish shaped ones are for cats/kitties  and the paw ones are for either dogs and or cats.
There are never 2 the same...Never....
So if you wish to purchase any to help with my charity project contact me ... my email address is up on first posts... The prices are $18.00 shipping is included in the price.They are made of  2 strands of worsted weight yarns and are machine washable and very durable...
The 2 doggies you see in photos are from a dear friend,,,

Well here are some of the mile a minute scarfs I love to make and gift to others I also take orders for any mile a minute scarfs....  If any one interested feel free to contact me the prices are $20.00 each that includes the shipping cost..

Here are a couple more of infinity scarfs and the bluish one has a matching set of fingerless gloves.   I enjoy making these scarfs as they are brainless...
Well here are some mugs I purchased at Christmas time and I crocheted a scrubbie dishcloth and a floral dishcloth and give these out as gifts for Christmas these can be made for any occasion such as birthday mothers day get well  ...  I wrapped them in cellophane clear wrap and tied with curling ribbon... 
By the way I make and sell these also for $10.00 each so any one wanting just contact me...

Here are some more of my infinity scarfs that I have crocheted this year for gifts for Christmas but if you see any you like you can ask me for availability and I am willing to sell...

Many times I do sell some of the items I make so just ask away. 
Goodmorning to all my friends:

I hope and pray that every one is in good health and working on you all love best Crocheting..

Well as promised I am here today to post some photos of some infinity scarfs I have been working on for this coming Christmas gifts..

I hope you  all  like them please tell me how you like them.. The patterns chosen are many from ravelry and some I have purchased thru Craftsy .com

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hello again my friends:

Hello again to all my friends:

Its been a very long time since I have posted or updated my blog but I am here now and I hope all my followers will enjoy my blog and the things I have been up too this past year and this year...

Please stick around and tell your crochet friends about me and my blog...
hugs to all